Ko’os Hotel - founded in 2020 by architect Carlos Perez Rea - is located in Aldea Zama, Tulum. Carlos is passionate about traveling and mingling with the local lifestyle, and this was his main inspiration when creating Ko’os. To establish a fresh, affordable, simple yet sophisticated venue, where guests could have a memorable experience while connecting, creating, eating, relaxing and enjoying this tropical paradise.

It is designed as a social hub for locals and guests, aiming to unite hospitality, cuisine, design, art, nature and social conscience in order to create a holistic and welcoming environment; while bringing value to the neighborhood.

Tulum has lots of cafes, shops, restaurants and places to explore. Our staff won’t hesitate to assist you if you find yourself needing advice and directions!.


Ko’os is a one of a kind hotel. You will find yourself in the middle of the jungle, amidst a tropical and clean architectural work, which - thanks to the architect and owner - respects and embraces its natural surroundings. This masterpiece was constructed using natural and local materials, whilst making the effort to leave the smallest footprint possible.

The sixteen-room hotel has an inviting sense of home away from home by providing a perfect environment to eat, work, relax and enjoy nature.


May you be welcome to Tulum.
Place where the ancient Mayas,
used to call out with amazement
ko’os, ko’os...
as they behold this blue bird fly.

Referring to the surprise
of a soul manifested in this bird.
They admired its vibrant color,
its smooth, fast and sudden fly.

We hope that upon your arrival,
you get the pleasant surprise
of these birds welcoming you to...